Goose Neck Trailers

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Goose Neck Trailers

Goose Neck Trailers | 271 Trailers - Paris, TX

Goose neck trailers are made with a coupler inside the bed of the truck where it provides a more secure attachment to the truck. In order to use one of these trailers, the vehicle doing the towing must have a ball hitch fixed inside the bed of the truck. One advantage of this style of truck over one that uses this style hitch over a bumper pull trailer is the distribution of the weight over the axle of the towing vehicle. This makes it more stable for pulling large loads.

Many drivers also prefer pulling goose neck trailers because of their tighter turning radius. Unlike bumper pull trailers, they turn with the vehicle, making it easier to turn corners or take other sharp turns. These trailers are most frequently the type that will have living quarters made inside, so that you can stay comfortably close to your animals while you are traveling with them.

At 271 Trailers, we give Paris, TX farmers, ranchers and animal lovers the choice of quality trailers they need to be comfortable while they attend special events or deliver all types of animals to destinations far from home. Whether you are pulling your load a few miles down the road or across the state, you want to ensure their safety and comfort as well as your own.

Make your choice from our Delco or Lamar goose neck trailers or from any of the quality brands that you can count on for long-term performance. Feel free to come in and look at our inventory until you find the trailer you are looking for!